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Rogue Two began in 2015, when Will Lawton and Stacy Sergent started playing open mic nights at coffee houses.  The quirky group originally wanted to be The Tusken Raiders, but unfortunately another group had the name and had subsequently been sued by Lucasfilm.  Not ones to give up on their new hope for a band name, the duo decided they would have to go rogue.  These two rogues found a new band name that could not possibly be associated with the Star Wars universe, and they set out on their journey to free breweries, coffee houses, farmers' markets, and festivals from the perils of rock and roll.  Rogue Two brought freedom in the form of Bluegrass.

Rogue Two released their self-titled debut album in 2017.  They happily recorded crowd favorites, "Hand Me Down," "How Do You Do," and "Pick Me Up."  Stacy began her lyricist career penning "Lavender and Clover."  From then on, Will and Stacy became a songwriting team.

In October, Will was feeling spooky and thought, "With so many songs about the devil, what if we took a trip down Dante's Inferno by way of music?"  This "What if?" grew into Suit of Flame.  Naturally, convincing Rev. Stacy Lawton to sing a bunch of songs about Hell and poor living was a bit of a stretch.  Stacy insisted the album end on a high note.  "Sin," a song of redemption through God's grace, was written soon afterwards.   

Then, coal miners in Harlan, Kentucky, where Stacy was born and raised, began to protest their unfair treatment again.  This time, Blackjewel mining company filed for bankruptcy and refused to pay miners for their last few weeks of work.  So, when the company tried to take the remaining coal, miners blocked the railroad tracks for months.  Out of concern for her folks' troubles in the midst of this battle (which the miners ultimately won), Stacy and Will wrote "Bloody Harlan."

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